The power of words.


Words, when you said and articulated in the right way can change someone’s mind. They can alter someone’s belief. Our words have the power to bring someone from the slums of life and make a successful person out of them or destroy someone’s happiness using only our words.

A simple choice of words can make a difference between someone accepting or denying your message. You can have a very beautiful thing to say, but say it in the wrong words … and … it’s gone.

Nobody likes to be threatened, nobody likes to be intimidated. Their pride will not allow it. Most importantly, if you’re a person who is a role model if you are a person who has been admired… anything you say could be believed. Anything you utter could be taken as truth.

Words have power, words are power, words could be our power. We can change a life, inspire a nation and make up this world a beautiful place. We can spit venom or mend a broken soul.

Choose your word wisely.

Alor Setar, Kedah DA

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